Biocryptodisk Security Suite is a secure, convenient and easy to use 2-factor authentication software to
secure your PC data. It consists of 5 software components namely Winlogon, Volume Encryption, USB Port Security, PC
Lock and Secure Email.
Biocryptodisk Security Suite works best with Biocryptodisk iSecurePro token which is able to secure the Windows Bitlocker
access key. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature included with the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of
Microsoft's Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, as well as the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server
2008 R2 server platforms. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.
A brief description of Biocryptodisk Security Suite is as follows:
WinLogon provides convenient, secure logon of authorized users. The logon process had never been
so easy, convenient and secure. In addition, your data is secured by 2-factor authentication and you do not
have to remember or expose your password during logon.
Encrypted Volume securely protects files and folders with military grade AES encryption. In case
your firewall and anti-virus failed to protect you from Cyber intruders, You still have the volume encryption as
the last line of defense.

This special volume is encrypted using military strength AES-256 algorithm. Any files store in this folder is
encrypted. You can drag and drop, copy and paste any confidential file into this folder for extra security. Only
you have the right to view the encrypted volume.
The encrypted volume appears when Biocryptodisk is plugged in. The encrypted volume disappears when
Biocryptodisk is unplugged.

The encrypted volume can be created in PC’s HDD, USB HDD, USB Flash Disk, Network Drive, Cloud
Storage, etc. In addition, the encrypted volume can be copied/moved/backed up without affecting the data
integrity within the encrypted volume.
PCLock secure your PC when you leave it unattended. This is to safeguard the PC when the user is away
from his/her PC for short period of time without having to shut down the PC completely. This feature can be
enabled/disabled by software.
The PC is operational when Biocryptodisk is plugged into PC USB port. The PC is locked when Biocryptodisk
is unplugged from USB port.
BSS_Intro Video
USB Port Security Video
Encrypted Volume Video
Bitlocker and Winlogon demo video
Secure Email - E-mail signing and encryption refers to encryption, and often authentication, of e-mail
messages, which can be done in order to protect the content from being read by unintended recipients. E-mail
signing ensures you that the E-mail you have received was indeed written by person A and not by anyone else
(trying to impersonate person A for example).
Biocryptodisk secures digital certificate within its token. Email can be signed or its content can be decrypted by
simply having our token authenticated and plug into USB port.
No password to be remembered or exposed and you carry your digital certificate with you!!!
USB Port Security is an Endpoint Security software helps to prevent data theft and
virus infection through portable storage devices, such as USB flash disk. “USB Port
Security” offers you a way to manage your USB ports. It protects your computer against
unknown USB device access. It is easy to configure approved device white list and
automatically record information on every authorized or unauthorized USB device plugged
into a PC's USB Port in a log file. It does not require server management and it runs in
background, it has little or no effect on computer performance

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